Dog DLA Afternoon

Performed in the Baby Grand Studio: Home of new comedy writing

In 2015 Lisburn City Council annexed the sleepy civil parish of Dundonald and ended Castlereagh’s long-established sovereignty. Now, determined to show they mean business, Dundonald Liberation Army (DLA) members Dave ‘The Venezuelan’ Taylor and John ‘Crazy Horse’ McCracken plan to rob a bank as a show of strength and to raise much-needed funds for the cause. Only they’ve managed to select Manna Food Bank as their unknowing target.

Holed up with tins of chicken soup and Tayto cheese and onion rather than dosh, the pair enter a tense stand-off with the PSNI making international headlines. With a heavily-pregnant hostage, the onset of Horses’ diabetic coma and intervention from the President of the USA, the action hurtles towards an explosive conclusion!

“Norn Iron” humour reigns supreme in this slick, silly and hilariously outrageous new comedy from Dundonald-born writer Stephen Large.

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