The REAL Housewives of Norn Iron

by Leesa Harker

You’ve met the real housewives of New York, Atlanta and Cheshire – now let’s meet the REAL housewives of Norn Iron!

Housewives from every walk of life are flung together in this rip-roaring comedy, packed with characters that you’ll know and love, and brought to you by the most successful comedy team in Norn Iron. Think you’ve seen drama with the housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills? Well you ain’t seen sparks fly until you’ve seen The REAL Housewives of Norn Iron!

Written and produced by Leesa Harker, creator of Maggie Muff and writer of 50 Shades of Red, White and Blue, Dirty Dancin in le Shebeen, Maggie’s Feg Run and Maggie – Yer Ma!, and directed by Andrea Montgomery – in other words, you’re guaranteed a geg!

Cast includes: Caroline Curran, Roisin Gallagher, Rosie McClelland, Diona Doherty and Patrick McBrearty.

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