One of Belfast’s most iconic plays is set for a revival this October!

Joyriders by Christina Reid is a comedic, yet deeply moving story about a group of teenagers involved in a Youth Training Programme in West Belfast, 1986.

Misunderstood and misrepresented by everyone around them, these kids are trying their best to get by, when all that surrounds them is violence, economic hardship and unsympathetic ears. The wild and vicious world outside is reflected by their wildness within – but they will need their toughness as they strive for lives beyond what they’re told they can have.

Joyriders explores the lives of teenagers in a volatile environment, and how they build and nurture relationships with one another against the backdrop of 1980’s Belfast.

Directed by Pauline Carville, Joyriders also includes a number of up and coming actors including Cliodhna Fisher as Maureen, Carly McCullough as Sandra and Amy Esdale as Kate.

Presented by Apollo Arts Repertory Theatre. This is a non-professional production.

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