In conversation with Polly Devlin

This is a Baby Grand Studio Event. Presented by the Linen Hall Library.

Polly Devlin OBE, writer, broadcaster, filmmaker, was born in a remote “almost medieval area” on the shores of Lough Neagh in Co Tyrone, there were no telephones or electricity in the region when she was growing up – as she says: ‘No one born since the sixties in Ireland can know how dark everything was for a great many months of the year’

Age 21, she won a Vogue talent competition and was catapulted into the heart of Swinging Sixties London, working for Vogue as a writer, then features editor. Amongst other famous people, she interviewed Bob Dylan on his first-ever trip outside America.  Two years later she went to work in New York for the great Diana Vreeland on American Vogue. Once more, she was very much part of the scene she wrote about in her newspaper column and articles including for The Sunday Times, the New Statesman and The Observer.

In Writing Home she talks about the people she has known, among them John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Peggy Guggenheim, Diana Vreeland (‘as fantastical as a unicorn’), Jean Shrimpton, Princess Margaret (who came to dinner and did the washing up) and the issues that have preoccupied her – emigration, feminism ‘(‘I grew up in a society where men were fundamental and women were secondary’), writing, collecting, shopping, houses, dogs, rooks, hares, dreams, friendship and the kindness of strangers; about daughters and mothers; and about wishes and her love of the places she has lived in and the houses she has loved in Paris, Tuscany, the Tarn, Dublin and New York.

Join her in conversation to celebrate her new book Writing Home.


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