Me, Mum and Dusty Springfield

starring Derry Girls' Tara Lynne O' Neill

Mum’s funeral was last week. They were all there, Tom Jones, Chris de Burgh, Cher and Elton John; he sang Candle in the Wind, the original that was Mum’s idea. There was some awkwardness when Tom Jones wanted to make up for ‘lost time’ as he put it, but as I put it, you don’t miss what you’ve never had Tom. It had always been just Me, Mum and Dusty Springfield and I don’t need a pseudo-father-figure stepping in.

And of course, there’s the letter Mum left me, said I was to read it ‘after’, said it would explain things. On the basis of this letter she made me promise, swear in fact that I would carry out her dying wish. I reluctantly agreed, so I guess it’s time to see what’s in the letter…

Me, Mum and Dusty Springfield by Stephanie Ridings is a black comedy sprinkled with Dusty lyrics and coated with a familiar song or two. This one woman show starring Tara Lynne O’Neill (Ma Mary in Derry Girls) reflects upon the bond that binds mothers & daughters, people who are not quite what they seem, and how we cope with loss when it’s just too late!

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