Bugsy Malone

The Grand Opera House Trust presents

Alan Parker’s
Bugsy Malone

Play by Alan Parker
Words & Music by Paul Williams
By arrangement by Faber Music Ltd
On behalf of Warner/Chappell Music Ltd

The Grand Opera House Summer Youth Project returns in July 2019 for its ninth year with not just one but two unmissable productions – Miss Saigon® School Edition (for 16-18 year olds) and Bugsy Malone (for 10-18 year olds). Based on the 1976 film Bugsy Malone this gangster, comedy musical, tells the story of two gangs who are in a rivalry of Capone-ian standards.

A sparkling marriage of gangster movie and slapstick comedy, the ever-popular stage show of the classic movie tracks the rivalry between two half-witted street gangs. The washed-up ex-boxing promoter Bugsy Malone steps in to take control of Fat Sam’s gang and give Dandy Dan and his boys what they’ve got coming.

It’s a brilliant gangster movie spoof where the message is one of good, clean fun, where the adults are kids, the songs and lyrics are infectious and sassy, and the characters are wonderful
cartoon cut-outs. When the pandemonium comes to a sticky and hilarious end, the weapons of choice are ‘splurge’ guns firing whipped cream, flour bombs and custard pies.

Professionally directed and choreographed with a full live band accompaniment, the Grand Opera House’s production of Bugsy Malone features one hundred and fifty talented 10 to 18
year olds. A guaranteed feel-good musical theatre feast, with style, slapstick, laughs, dazzling talent, and an absolute avalanche of custard and cream!

Many can dismiss youth theatre and make statements claiming “they could think of nothing worse”. Well more fool them because the cast of this show are simply outstanding. More than 200 young people took to the stage for the first time last night with such a professional air you would think they had been doing this for years.”
Belfast Live (The Wizard of Oz, 2018)

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