The Jimmy Shand Story

Join us for a celebration of the life and music of the legendary Scottish accordion player Jimmy Shand.

The Show is a celebration of the life and music of the late Sir Jimmy Shand, prolific composer and renowned band leader, an international star and legend of Scottish Dance Music whose tunes continue to feature in the repertoire of most traditional accordionists and Dance Bands.

On stage, the music is provided by the Brandon McPhee Scottish Band. As Brandon explains, “We all know his famous tunes, but do we remember the man who did so much for our musical heritage?”

Senior Scottish Accordion Champion and winner of many awards, including the highly coveted “Jimmy Shand Shield”, while still in his teens, Brandon has become well known across Britain and Ireland with many appearances on stage, radio and TV.

In this Show, he looks back at the life and music of his idol, playing many of his favourite tunes, complemented by visual images and stories narrated live by acclaimed stage film and TV actor Dave Anderson (Gregory’s Girl, City Lights etc). Brandon also seizes the opportunity with both hands (and how!) to demonstrate the continuing relevance and versatility of the famous Hohner Shand Marino button accordion as only
he can.

Combine the music of the Old Master with the brilliance of the young maestro and you have the recipe for something very special.

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