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08th March 2019

An interview with Technical Manager: Paula Freeman

International Women’s Day 2019
#BalanceforBetter #IWD2019

Give us an idea of what your role as Technical Manager entails?

My job entails looking after technical needs of all shows in GOH. Ensuring a smooth as possible transit between the shows when swopping over. Dealing with any issues that come up. Managing crewing for the changeovers and the running of the shows. Maintaining and purchasing technical equipment for the department. Health and safety for the department and looking after any technical needs for any in house productions.

Why do you enjoy your job?

It’s really varied both in the content of what we have to deliver as a department and the challenges that come up so it’s never dull!

New people come in the building weekly so quick exchanges are necessary to get the job done and it’s lovely to be meeting new people all the time.

I’ve always liked the problem-solving element of any work that I’ve done and this comes in to play regularly. Even with the amount of preparation done for shows going in or out, issues do arise.

Why do you think more women should consider a career in technical theatre roles?

Technical theatre offers roles in lighting, sound, automation, stage Management, video, set design, construction and engineering to name a few.

Given the variety of challenging roles it’s easy to see why more women should be attracted to technical work.

I feel perhaps there isn’t enough information out there about the types of career available, and a perhaps rather outdated idea that’s it’s all about being able to lift heavy things!

I’m always delighted to see how many women are now working in these roles as compared to when I started out.  

Are you proud of what you and your team have achieved at the Grand Opera House?

Yes absolutely. I started as a student here and also worked as much as I could elsewhere to learn my trade. I’ve learnt a lot from my colleagues over the years and as with any good team we play to our strengths. We’re highly regarded locally and within the touring circuit as a great theatre to visit because of the expertise of our staff and ability to get the job done.

We’ve always been fortunate to have a high proportion of women in the technical team and I hope that will continue in the future and that it will become the norm rather than the exception elsewhere too.

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