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04th May 2019

30 Things you didn’t know about May McFettridge

  1. May has her very own mural in the Commercial Court of Belfast. She sat like the queen to have it done but says it doesn’t look a bit like her.
  2. May loves to keep fit, we often find her in the Baby Grand studio working on her aerobic dance moves, she auditioned for the Summer Youth Production of Miss Saigon School Edition but unfortunately she was a little over the age limit!
  3. May is a big musical fan she has even auditioned in front of Lord Andrew Webber (or so she says). She can’t wait to see Rock of Ages but we have warned her she can’t sing- a- long, as she might put the actors off!
  4. May is all for female empowerment but thinks her biggest rival is Maggie Muff and all those other Housewives of Norn Iron could do with being taken down a peg or two.
  5. May McFettridge has a five star rating on TripAdvisor “she is simply the Best Dame in the world.”
  6. May McFettridge has a son called Willie!
  7. May wants to be in the Derry Girls but she’s afraid of Sister Michael!
  8. May once played in an Irish Showband; The Miami only let her play the triangle (she wasn’t allowed within 500 feet of the band because of the restraining order but it still counts!)
  9. May can play saxophone, guitar, and piano and has performed as one-woman-band, no else would put up with her!
  10. May was inspired by the Calendar Girls and booked a photographer to do a charity calendar unfortunately she broke the camera!
  11. May once had dinner with the Miami Showband that’s how she got the restraining order!
  12. Mays style icon is Freddie Mercury she was inspired by the styling in the video “I want to break free”!
  13. May McFettridge and John Linehan are rarely seen in the same room at the same time, she says she can’t stand him! 
  14. May loved reading The Girl on the Train but thought it was self-help book for commuters!
  15. May McFettridge is a professional MUA she has even shot YouTube videos with her signature blue eye-shadow look.
  16. Mays full name is May Margaret Mary Mark McFettridge.
  17. May has a brass bust of herself in the Grand Opera House it is a permanent features and it is said if you rub her nose you will get a year of good luck!
  18. Eamonn Holmes gave May McFetridge her first big break on his radio show. 
  19. May knows all the dance steps to the Bee Gees classic Saturday Night Fever!
  20.  May’s best friend is Big Patricia.
  21.  This year is May’s 30th year in Pantomime at the Grand Opera House Belfast.
  22. May was born, reared and still lives in Belfast.
  23. Manny’s Fish and Chip shop also has a mural of May and other famous faces!
  24. The fact that her part-time driver and confidant, John Linehan received an MBE in 2006, still rankles with May, as she herself can only boast a BCG and a CSE in Domestic Science.
  25. May Loves the bingo and goes to the wee club with pals big Patricia and wee Josie. She is never happier than when she is with them sharing a 10-glass bottle of anything!
  26. May loves nothing more than playing a round of golf or two. She has even given Rory McElroy a few tips.
  27. May has designed her own range of granny pants and bloomers.
  28. May runs 5k a day in preparation for the Panto ever year.

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