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A Baby Grand Show

Stand Up Man

Tue 28 Jan - Sat 08 Feb 2014


People see stand-up comedian Thaddeus McGuin differently. His son would like to see him gone, his wife would like to see him dead, and his audience would prefer not to see him at all. Disgraced ex-altar boy Thaddeus McGuinn is about to face his toughest audience ever, his own sins...

Stand up Man, a play by Derek Murphy, stars Tim McGarry (BBC’s The Blame Game and Give My Head Peace) and Nick Hardin (Philadelphia Here I Come and Lockout), and follows its protagonist over one week, as he journeys back and forth between his audience and his family.

Thaddeus is one joke away from total mental destruction and one wife away from owning all the land he ever dreamed of - a burial plot.

Please note that Stand Up Man will take place in The Baby Grand Studio at the Grand Opera House.

Grand Opera House

Grand Opera House

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Tuesday 28 January - Saturday 8 February 2013

Ticket Prices:
Monday - Saturday 8.00pm: £15.50
Saturday 4.00pm: £12.50
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